Thank you for stopping by! As a consumer, you are our focal point and highest priority in everything we do. The San Diego County CADRE and all its member organizations are committed to improving the lives of people with mental health and substance use issues. 

Our goal for consumers is a "No Wrong Door" policy when seeking treatment at any service provider in San Diego County! Feel free to explore this website or read more below to find useful links and information:

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Now over 300 members strong, this section is all about making things better for you, your organization, and your clients. Receive great benefits from attending Quarterly Meetings, participate in subcommittees to shape, develop and improve everyone's services, and much more!

Discover a professional and collaborative world by logging in to the member exclusive section. Please note: your agency or service provider is required to be a CADRE member for you to access the member-only section.

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The CADRE concept with its ideas, principles, and far-reaching positive impact on individuals, communities, and service providers is catching on across the Country. 

There is no CADRE in your area or county yet? Do you have a CADRE initiative but are not sure how to move forward or grow? Let us inspire, motivate, and assist you on every level! CADRE San Diego is eager to get you started! Read more below or contact us directly!


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CADRE XIX will start February 2019



The CCISC CADRE and the Tobacco Cessation Workgroup are excited to introduce a comprehensive toolkit to assist programs in implementing the Tobacco Free Levels and Tobacco cessation services.

Using the Tobacco Free Levels is highly encouraged in order to provide comprehensive and integrated behavioral health services consistent with the CCISC initiative.

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CADRE supports networking and full collaboration among all behavioral health providers: Mental Health, Physical Health, and Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment providers. 

We  address concerns and facilitate a 360 degree service approach to every consumer - some of the success stories you will find after the break. If you are a provider and would like to share one of your stories, please send them along! 

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Welcome to the Ask the Experts section - a place where curiosity gets nurtured as much as problem solving and out of the box thinking. 

  • How do I become a CADRE member?
  • Questions and answers for Consumers
  • Questions and answers for Providers
  • Questions and answers for Developers
  • Things you always wanted to ask...!

We value input from anyone interested or involved with CADRE - and believe in a free exchange of ideas, suggestions, and opinions no matter how new, revolutionary, or unusual they may be! Come and share - we have so much to learn from each other!

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