Train the trainer

The "Train the Trainer" concept is essential and an integral part of CADRE. As a CADRE member, and being a change agent, it is a great idea to implement a "Train the Trainer" system in your organization. Once the system is in place, everyone in your organization can be CADRE trained, participate, and bring about changes and improvements on every level. The benefits are manifold!



  • In your organization, develop and implement a training system
  • Submit an outline of your system to the Executive Committee
  • Once approved, your employees may be inducted into CADRE without having to go through the "official" CADRE Training
  • To have a new employee certified, please submit a letter requesting CADRE certification of the new employee to the Executive Committee
  • Upon approval, a confirmation letter will be issued
  • Your new CADRE member may now attend all meetings

Download the INTERNAL CADRE TRAINING checklist here



There are many approaches and systems to CADRE train employees, co-workers, and entire divisions in your organization. If you have devised a training system, please share it with us! Below you will find one of many possible examples:

1. Watch Dr Minkoff Dual Diagnosis video
2. Complete approved introduction to CCISC Training
3. Complete approved Stages of Change Training
4. Complete University of South Florida's Co-Occurring Disorders online certification course (see link below)
5. Review Change Management Information
6. Read IDDT Toolkit (see link below)
7. Attend Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (MI) Training (8 hours)
8. Attend MI Skills Training (4 hours)
9. Review Program Welcome Statement
10. Participate in administering COMPASS
11. Complete CODE-CAT
12. Participate in developing a Program Action Plan
13. Review Tobacco Cessation information
14. Complete 2 tours of differing programs (different from your primary program)